Based in Bristol, I have a studio at Mivart Street Studios. Smaller pieces are often made when in West Cornwall, Portland, Devon, the Isle of Wight.

Art education was in the 1980s as a mature student at Bower Ashton, now UWE in Bristol. I showed paintings, prints and black and white photography in Bristol during the 80s and 90s and returned to exhibiting in 2007, so far in the Bristol and Bath area.

I'm a member of the Bees Knees who are Michelle Dash, Alison Harper, Susi Bancroft, Angie Kinnear and myself. We work together usually for a week each year (five years now) at Walcot Chapel which we use as a studio opening to the public at varying stages. It gives me a chance to work with artists who use a range of mediums where conversation, support, working alongside others and the unexpected can influence all of our work.